Amber Hall

Business Development Manager

Meet Amber

Amber is a responsible and resourceful strategic partner with over 15 years of experience supporting C-Suite leaders in professional development, people management, and organizational leadership. She is an intuitive advocate with a passion for pursuing organizational growth in small-to-midsize organizations. Amber is a lifelong learner who constantly seeks opportunities to unite and connect. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Georgia State University and a Master’s of Business Administration in Organizational Leadership. Amber is fueled by her commitment to the advancement of the underrepresented and love her for humanity.

As the Business Development Manager for RARE, she actively seeks ways to exemplify Aiko’s commitment to Loyalty and Justice by broadening the visibility of the RARE brand and its core offerings. She works closely with the Director of Operations & Programing to maintain the relevance of RARE’s voice and programmatic offerings.

What I do @ RARE 

  • I support the strategic development of all RARE services
  • I seek ways to invigorate  past, current and future client relationships
  • I build upon the relevance of RARE’s voice, programmatic offerings and engagements

Why I do this work

  • I joined RARE to amplify Aiko’s voice
  • I enjoy finding new ways to advance the important work that is DEI
  • I want to create the world I dreamt of as a child

My Top Values…

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Advancement

What Brings Me Joy  

  • The comfort of a new book
  • Connecting people
  • Living life to the fullest