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Live Workshop

overcoming perfectionism & toxic productivity

Learn how to ditch an unsustainable approach to work, overcome systems not set up to help you thrive, and confidently embrace your own worthiness — no matter what.

Kicking off Friday, February 3rd at 12-2:30pm EST

Live Workshop

overcoming perfectionism & toxic productivity

Learn how to ditch an unsustainable approach to work, overcome systems not set up to help you thrive, and confidently embrace your own worthiness — no matter what.

Kicking off Friday, February 3rd at 12-2:30pm EST

Only $127!

Hosted LIVE by Aiko Bethea, Founder of Rare Coaching


You’ve been working overtime, skipping lunch, agonizing over every tiny mistake,
and feeling guilty any second you’re not being productive…

…And getting REWARDED for this unsustainable behavior by your boss; your company; the system.

What’s more — for underrepresented folx the pressure to be perfect and constantly productive is intensified.



Here’s the truth:

…Perfectionism and toxic productivity are an attempt to hustle for your worth in a system that was never designed for you to thrive.

Which can look like…

Ensuring everything from your hair to your outfit to your handbag is perfectly put together…

Never feeling good enough despite how much you learn or how many skills you acquire…

A short email reply taking you 30 minutes to send because you meticulously check every single word for typos or grammar issues…

Feeling like you have to be busy/productive 100% of the time…

Can you relate?

The good news is, you CAN do something about it!

Imagine if you could…

  • Feel anchored and grounded in who you are and your values no matter what messages your company, boss, or society send you
  • Honor your unique brilliance knowing in your bones that you are good enough just as you are
  • Release toxic productivity and embrace true rest without guilt
  • Release perfectionism and embrace your inherent worthiness
  • Build a level of self-compassion that extends out to those around you fostering a deep sense of connection, belonging, and community

Wouldn’t that feel incredible?

That’s why we created the…


Kicking off on Friday, February 3rd at 12-2:30pm EST

Only $127!

A highly interactive, 2.5 hour workshop where you’ll learn how to create a sense of powerful self-worth allowing you to separate your thoughts and beliefs about yourself from the toxic system that surrounds you.

With training, self-reflection questions, a comprehensive workbook, and break-out sessions to discuss among your peers, this workshop is packed full of action steps to help you implement these teachings into your life.


More time back at work because you’ve rejected toxic productivity and perfectionism

Taking more breaks and actually using your PTO without guilt!

An increase in your performance allowing you to earn MORE while working LESS

Setting strong boundaries that will command respect from your boss and colleagues

PLUS, in this workshop, you have the rare opportunity to learn directly from RARE Coaching’s founder, Aiko Bethea!

This is the ONLY program we offer that she personally facilitates.


Aiko Bethea

Aiko’s work started as a grassroots organizer and has consistently centered her value of justice ever since…

… From working as a litigator for Stacey Abrams to moving to Seattle to work for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to starting her own coaching business.

Aiko created this workshop because she witnessed her friends and clients who were underrepresented or “the only” in the workplace struggle with crushing self-doubt.

Because of that self-doubt, they were seeking approval from systems that weren’t designed for them to feel worthiness or belonging.

This led them to feeling physical and emotional exhaustion, chasing productivity without rest, denying their authentic voice, underperforming because of desperately trying to fit in, and dealing with depression or anxiety.

By standing strong in her values and her worth, Aiko has been able to be who she wants to be and live the life she wants.

And you can do the same!

You get to hear directly from Aiko herself as she walks you through how to honor your brilliance, stand firmly in your worth, and release perfectionism and productivity for good.

You will not get direct access to Aiko in ANY of our other workshops or programs, so this is the time to join us!


“Aiko is one of, if not the best facilitator I’ve ever had the pleasure of engaging with. Her ability to lead yet share space, be direct yet gentle, and be nurturing yet keep it real is unprecedented.
Her capacity to lead by example and provide BI-POC folx a container to be vulnerable with not only each other but themselves is invaluable.

She provided BI-POC leaders with tools and wisdom that fostered self-reflection,
empowerment and an innovative lens to approaching white dominant work cultures. Her gift to foster authentic community and connection goes beyond teachable skills. I guarantee that you will leave with a feeling of self-fullness and fulfillment that is rare in predominantly white spaces.”

— Brandon Washington
Manager of Philanthropy and Annual Giving- Advancement and External Relations at University of Washington Bothell

“It is not hyperbolic to say that working with Aiko is life-changing. She is honest and forthright, compassionate, and steady. She is a deft facilitator, and she has a way of coaching that puts the remarkable depth of her emotional intelligence on display. Being in a room with her (even virtually) is an honor. If you are a person of color interested in learning how to lead AND thrive in whatever position you find yourself in and/or have an opportunity to work with Aiko herself, DO IT!”

— Janeka Rector, CFRE
Associate Director of Advancement

It IS possible for you to step into your brilliance and worthiness no matter the outside circumstances.


Only $127!

Increases to $127 from Jan 28th to Feb 3rd