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Rare Confidence


Rare Confidence is a 10-week group coaching program designed to put the power back into YOUR hands, succeed on your own terms, and become an inclusive leader through a supportive community who understands you.


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Chances are, intuition led you to this page because you:

Are feeling stressed, gaslit, lonely, exhausted, and weighed down by microaggressions at work…

Have gone through leadership training or executive coaching led mostly by people who don’t look like you…

Are constantly code-switching, covering, and assimilating — desperately trying to fit in…


…Maybe you are a leader who is aware this is happening and wants to learn how to become more empathetic and inclusive.




You want to feel seen, heard, and respected for who you are at work.

But when you look around at work and see very few (or no) people that look like you, it’s hard to feel
safe being yourself.

Right now, maybe you:

  • Crave approval from co-workers or bosses for constant
    reassurance that you’re “doing a good job.”
  • Feel guilty if you’re not doing something productive
    every moment of every day.
  • Are obsessive about preventing mistakes, so you constantly
    check and recheck your work (even a short reply to an email).
  • Find it difficult (even impossible) to rest without guilt.
  • Have a hard time with feedback. You find yourself defensive
    with negative feedback AND have trouble accepting positive feedback.
  • Judge others based on how much they can get done in a day.
  • Compare yourself to others and feel like you should be
    where they are or like them.
  • Rarely celebrate your accomplishments and are more
    concerned with moving on to the “next thing.”
  • Feel like you’re being judged for how you wear your hair or dress.
  • Are constantly interrupted, not listened to, and your ideas ignored.


That’s because we’ve worked with so many organizations and individuals over the years who experienced all of this ☝🏻☝🏽☝🏿and more (including our own staff)!

We know it’s soul-crushing to feel like no matter what you do or how you show up, it’s not enough in your organization’s eyes…

To expend an exorbitant amount of energy trying to fit in…

To feel isolated and alone, like no one else understands what you’re going through…

…To assume you can’t be your true self at work if you also want to be respected, heard, and promoted.

But there is a way to take back control.
A way where you CAN have it all.


Be in a supportive community of people who GET IT, where you feel safe sharing ALL your experiences and 100% validated. A place where you know you belong.

Go from irrational, unhelpful beliefs like, “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t belong,” or “I must hustle to be worthy” to “I AM good enough,” “I BELONG,” and “I am worthy AS I AM” — and believe it.

Set boundaries confidently, say “no,” and REST without guilt. Imagine kicking toxic productivity or perfectionism out of your life! Read a book, be with friends, and do things just for fun and relaxation.

Feel confident, worthy, and enough even if the messages from the system tell you otherwise. You can stand firm in who you are!

Give the power back to yourself and be intentional about WHY you are at your current job. If you find it’s not serving you, you can either leave or stay… without letting them define you — the choice is yours.

Become an impactful leader with high emotional intelligence and empathy who fiercely prioritizes inclusivity

It’s time to stop letting work culture determine how you should feel about yourself and start defining success on your own terms.

We’re here to help you stay true to yourself and get the respect you deserve.


Rare Confidence


A highly interactive 10-week group coaching program where you’ll discover how to be who you want to be, grow as a leader, experience more success, and command more respect at work.

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You might not believe it now, but it is 100% possible to be your authentic self at work (no code-switching or covering) and get the promotion.

BUT FIRST, we need to become aware of and disempower these limiting beliefs that keep you feeling isolated, stressed, and burned out.

Rare Confidence is about empowering yourself and disempowering the hold that the system has on you.

You will finally feel like the worthy, competent person you are (and it’ll show)!

How will we do that?

Through powerful practices like:

INTROSPECTION. Our coaches take you through DEEP self-reflection around each limiting belief you have. We’ll reveal the WHY behind your beliefs to rewire your brain– creating new, affirming thoughts.

ENGAGEMENT. Experience coaches and a community of people who 100% get it. You can be open, honest, and real without the pressure of the workplace weighing down on you. Plus, we built in ‘off weeks’ so you and your peers can talk through everything you’re learning!

INTERACTION. This journey takes work. You won’t simply attend a training and move on… You’ll take ACTION to dismantle your irrational beliefs and start being yourself at work to succeed on your own terms.

EXPERIMENTATION. Each week, you’ll be encouraged to experiment with the teachings to see how they work in your everyday life. You’ll then discuss how these experiments went with your coaches and peers, who can answer your questions and provide feedback.

No perfectionism allowed – mistakes are encouraged here!


Through community support, action, and self-reflection, you can OVERCOME irrational beliefs and become the person or leader you want to be.


  • A container where you will be seen, heard, and understood by people who get it.
  • Challenging but incredibly rewarding!
  • Fun! You get to be yourself with others just like you
  • An opportunity to grow personally and professionally
  • A road to effecting sustainable, lasting change in the workplace and life


  • A venting session where participants take turns complaining
  • An easy training session where you show up and move on
  • Boring and isolating
  • A fly-by-night course that you will forget about immediately afterward
  • Flashy promises that leave you feeling the same as you did when you started the program

“It is not hyperbolic to say that working with Aiko is life-changing. She is honest and forthright, compassionate, and steady. She is a deft facilitator, and she has a way of coaching that puts the remarkable depth of her emotional intelligence on display. Being in a room with her (even virtually) is an honor. If you are a person of color interested in learning how to lead AND thrive in whatever position you find yourself in and/or have an opportunity to work with Aiko herself, DO IT!”

— Janeka Rector, CFRE

Associate Director of Advancement


Rare Coaching

We are a leadership and management development agency dedicated to helping leaders of all levels navigate conflict, experience more success at work, and close the gap between who they are and who they want to be in life and at work through executive coaching, mentorship, and group programs.

The workplace doesn’t exist in a vacuum — what’s happening in society and the world is reflected at work. So we provide the space for you to be intentional about how you show up at work and live your life.

We believe that YOU have the control and get to decide what type of workplace you want to be in, and how to create that.

You don’t need to shed who you are when you come to work. It’s possible to be yourself at work while being seen, heard, respected, and getting the promotion.

We’ve seen it happen many times over with our clients over [XX] years!


When you look around at any leadership development training or executive coaching program, what do you see?

Likely very few (if any) underrepresented folx.

RARE Coaching has coaches that KNOW where you’re coming from.

Our coaches and facilitators are supremely qualified people who came from spaces where they were underrepresented or “the only.”

You are being led by individuals who truly get you and understand what you’ve been through. So you can feel safe being yourself and taking action in a supportive environment.

Plus, our cohorts are intentionally made up of people who’ve had similar experiences, so everyone can speak up, feel comfortable being vulnerable, and learn from each other.

Inclusion is our top priority, and creating space for EVERYONE means allowing traditionally underrepresented groups to take up more space.


Aiko Bethea’s two main values are justice and loyalty.

From a grassroots community organizer to serving as an attorney on the Government Counsel Team led by Stacey Abrams, to working for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to founding RARE Coaching & Consulting…

Aiko has been living out those values in everything she does.

Throughout her life, she has constantly been in spaces where most people didn’t look like her.

But by standing strong in her values and discovering her voice, Aiko has been able to live the life she wants and be exactly who she wants to be.

And she consistently helps leaders do the same.

She created this group coaching program for people like YOU who are ready to be themselves and make a greater impact at work!

Are you ready to experience success on your own terms?

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“Aiko is one, if not the best facilitator I’ve ever had the pleasure of engaging with. Her ability to lead yet share space, be direct yet gentle, and be nurturing yet keep it real is unprecedented. Her capacity to lead by example and provide BI-POC folx a container to be vulnerable with not only each other but themselves is invaluable.

— Brandon Washington

Manager of Philanthropy and Annual Giving- Advancement and External
Relations at University of Washington Bothell

Here’s What’s Included…


This workbook stands on its own with its incredible value. As we go through the program, you’ll use this workbook to complete activities, take notes, answer journal prompts, and more.

This workbook is the KEY to taking everything you learn through this program and implementing it into your life!


The meat of the program! Here, you’ll meet with our coaches and your peers to learn how to overcome the irrational beliefs that hold you back.

This program creates a space for you to be seen and heard by a community of people who share similar experiences.

These group calls are held bi-weekly to provide plenty of time to complete the activities and implement the teachings into your life to create lasting change.


You’ll have “off” weeks between the group calls, which are just as crucial for self-growth.

You can use this time to experiment with what you’ve learned in your day-to-day life, collaborate with your peers, and take extra time for self-reflection.

We believe in sustainability and REST…

…So we intentionally created space between our group calls so you can take your time, connect, and apply what you learned.

(This structure is something you won’t find in other programs.)


Week 1: Intro & Group Call
March 2nd, 12-2pm EST

Week 2: Self-study activity, peer meet-up, application

Week 3: Group Call
March 16th, 12-2pm EST

Week 4: Self-study activity, peer meet-up, application

Week 5: Group Call
March 30th, 12-2pm EST

Week 6: Self-study activity, peer meet-up, application

Week 7: Group Call
April 13th, 12-2pm EST

Week 8: Self-study activity, peer meet-up, application

Week 9: Group Call & Wrap-Up – April 27th, 12-2pm EST

Week 10: Self-study activity, peer meet-up, application


Get access to group call recordings, workbooks, and extra resources all in one place.

We keep the processes streamlined to get the BEST result.


Get Elevated



  • THREE 1:1 coaching calls. You’ll schedule at the beginning, middle, and end of the program with one of our highly trained coaches, who will help you implement everything you learned in the program!
    These calls allow you to speak with a highly qualified coach who understands your experiences and can offer personalized guidance.
  • 60-minute Q&A session with Aiko. Speak directly with the founder of RARE Coaching! Get all your burning questions answered in this exclusive Q&A session ONLY for the Elevated membership.

The Rare Coaching Group Coaching Program and everything mentioned is valued at $3,500 for the standard membership and $5,000 for the elevated membership, but you can enroll for only…




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Sign me up!

“Aiko is one, if not the best facilitator I’ve ever had the pleasure of engaging with. Her ability to lead yet share space, be direct yet gentle, and be nurturing yet keep it real is unprecedented. Her capacity to lead by example and provide BI-POC folx a container to be vulnerable with not only each other but themselves is invaluable.

— Brandon Washington
Manager of Philanthropy and Annual Giving- Advancement and External
Relations at University of Washington Bothell

As you consider this program, I encourage you to reflect on who you are now and who you WANT to be in the future…


  • Chasing perfectionism and placing all your worth in how much you can get done in a day
  • Feeling crushing self-doubt — leading you to feel incompetent, inadequate, and not good enough no matter what you do
  • So exhausted from trying to fit in, being overworked, and experiencing aggressions that you’re performance is slipping
  • Unable to rest without feeling incredibly guilty or like you’re doing something wrong
  • Constantly looking for validation from your boss or other co-workers
  • A leader who is unaware of how your underrepresented employees are feeling and continues to perpetuate harm


  • Know you’re worthy no matter how much you get done in a day or how many mistakes you made
  • Feel confident in your abilities and are at peace, knowing you’re a human being who’s always learning
  • Watch your performance improve because you’re standing strong instead of exhausting yourself trying to fit in.
  • Be able to rest without guilt! Experience more joy through relaxation, recreation, and community
  • Recognize what type of workspace you want to be in and create that for yourself
  • Become a highly empathetic and inclusive leader who helps ALL their employees feel seen and heard


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Submit your payment and lookout for a confirmation email.

You will sent an onboarding questionnaire to fill out.

We begin the week of February 27th, with the first group call on March 2nd!

Become an impactful leader with high emotional intelligence and empathy who fiercely prioritizes inclusivity


You refuse to believe there is a way out of your situation

You are looking for a program that will give you a “quick fix.”

You are unwilling to do the challenging work that comes with this group coaching program

You would rather vent about your problems than find solutions and take action

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Who is this program for?

This program is for folx who want to feel like they can be their authentic selves at work while finding success AND for leaders who want to be more empathetic, emotionally intelligent, and inclusive.

What's the time commitment?

Most of our clients are very busy, so this program will only take 2-3 hours a week.

When does this cohort start?

We kick off the week of February 27th– with the first call being on March 2nd!

Can anyone join this program?

Yes, people from ALL backgrounds are welcome! Whether you want to be yourself at work without feeling like you have to code-switch OR you are a leader who wants to be more inclusive, this program is excellent for you.

Is there a refund?

We do not offer refunds for this program.


I spent years in spaces where no one else looked like me or understood my experiences. It left me feeling exhausted, gaslit, and isolated.

But through realizing my worth and enoughness despite being different, engaging in a community of people who understood me, and discovering my unique voice, I could show up as the ME I wanted to be.

I found success on my own terms and want to help YOU do the same.

No more chasing perfectionism and reeling from toxic productivity.

You can be yourself AND be respected at work.

I know that might not feel possible right now, but if you do the work and take action, you WILL experience success.

Are you ready?

Let’s do this!

Enroll now!

Limited Spots

Aiko provided BI-POC leaders with tools and wisdom that fostered self-reflection, empowerment and an innovative lens to approaching white dominant work cultures. Her gift to foster authentic community and connection goes beyond teachable skills. I guarantee that you will leave with a feeling of self-fullness and fulfillment that is rare in predominantly white spaces.”

— Brandon Washington

Manager of Philanthropy and Annual Giving- Advancement and External
Relations at University of Washington Bothell