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Cristina “Tin” Ocsan-Baniqued

Executive Administrative Assistant

Meet Tin

Cristina Ocsan-Baniqued is a high-performing, result-driven with extensive experience in Sales
and Marketing, Events Management, Business Development, and Accounts Management. She
is known for quickly grasping complex concepts while working in fast-paced environments to
seamlessly and effortlessly insert herself into any project to deliver results.

Prior to joining RARE, Cristina, better known as “Tin” worked as an account manager and team
lead in one of the top online shopping platforms in the Philippines, where she grew the seller’s
portfolio and proactively handled different projects that were assigned to her. Not one to say
“that’s not my job”, she was quickly put as a team lead of 25 employees. She collaborated with
the top management to continuously achieve targets and ensure the welfare of her team.
As the executive administrative assistant of RARE, she is in charge of managing Aiko’s calendar
and day-to-day schedule, she ensures that RARE’s founder has a balanced relationship with her
work and personal life.

What I do @ RARE …

  • I strive to provide the founder with a balanced day-to-day schedule and help her maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • I connect with external clients to schedule an optimum meeting time with the founder.
  • I reach out to active clients to schedule 1:1 coaching sessions.

Why I do this work…

  • I want to have a greater impact on my work and the community
  • To help advocate diversity and inclusion in the workspace and more significantly in the society
  • To build a safe space for people of color to flourish and be well represented

My Top Values…

  • Determination
  • Trustworthiness
  • Kindness

What brings me joy…

  • Traveling the world
  • Hiking, escaping to nature
  • A clean and organized home