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Team Coaching

Your team can connect and become a stronger, more cohesive, and efficacious unit.

Through team leadership coaching we support teams to leverage their group potential as well as individual team member capabilities and foster the strengths in their connections.

We focus on shepherding the development of goals and supporting skill-building that enables team success. We assist in cultivating transparent and open communication that counters triangulation, exclusive behaviors, passive aggression, and other culture limiting behaviors.

Teams become not just high performing but the value of the team’s contributions increases.

Team Coaching Can Include:

  • Support for teams scaling up quickly so that their culture can sustain growth with the establishment of new and productive norms
  • Facilitation of high-yielding team retreats
  • Assistance to launch high performing new teams (or post-reorgs groups) as well as providing support for new leaders
  • Support for teams in anchoring into values of diversity, equity, and inclusion and learning how to operationalize this in their team structure
  • Train and support senior leadership teams with courageous leadership via Dare to Lead™

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Teams are supported in increasing empathy and accountability within the group.

Coaching for the team also assists with role clarity and shifting from a culture of shame and blame to one that fosters courageous leadership.

Team coaching results in increased psychological safety, inclusion, and connection as well as an elevation in team morale.

Learn more about how team coaching can take your organization from functional to high performing.

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