Speaking Engagements

My speaking engagements empower attendees to engage in critical thinking and discussion around key principles of leadership.

This includes diversity, equity, and inclusion. Individuals become more introspective and able to self-assess while being inspired to become more inclusive in their thoughts and actions. These talks can catalyze organizations to increase empathy skills and psychological safety, develop courageous leadership skills, initiate diversity and inclusion work, or inspire groups already committed to this work to stay the course. Those attending who are underrepresented within organizations feel support, heard and understood. Leaders recognize that this work is critical and essential to being an impactful and credible leader.

Popular topics include:

  • Courageous Leadership
  • Equity: What does it really take?
  • Being “The Only”
  • Tell Me How: Allyship & Co-Conspirators
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and the “L” Word
  • So You Say You’re an Ally
  • Getting to Peace of Mind as “The Only”
  • Elevating the Impact of Employee Resource Groups
  • Transactional v. Transformational DEI efforts
  • The Learner Mindset: A Critical Component for A Workplace of Belonging

I am available to speak to a range of groups, such as:

  • Employee resource groups
  • CSuite only
  • Boards only
  • Conferences
  • Colleges
  • Teams
  • Organizations

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