Micko Hughes - RARE Coaching

Micko Hughes

Special Projects Manager

Meet Micko

Micko Hughes is a passionate technology and accessibility professional with 20+ years of experience in K-12 public education. She is a servant leader who seeks to nurture and celebrate the talents of others while building community and collaborative enterprise. Micko has a love for World languages and STEM.

What I do @ RARE …

  • Ensure overall technical effectiveness and troubleshooting for all projects and programs

Why I do this work…

  • To celebrate the excellence of POC
  • To be a part of a positive community that challenges the narrative for the underrepresented
  • To support the vision and mission of RARE while also being afforded the space to show up as my authentic self.

My Top Values…

  • Empathy
  • Compassion
  • Equity
  • Faith
  • Accountability

What brings me joy…

  • spending time with my nieces and nephews
  • being a positive role model
  • trying new food and pound cake